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V250 NVR Series - Review and Setup

Watch how easy it is to set-up the V250 NVR.

Connecting to Remote Servers Using VIGIL Client Software

Watch a Basic Minute Video demonstrating the simplicity and ease to connect to remote stores using the VIGIL Client Software.

Smart Search Capabilities of 3xLOGIC's VIGIL

Smart Search capabilities found in VIGIL's intelligent video management software.

VIGIL 7.5 Smart Search

Quickly filter or narrow down your smart search results to areas of interest within the frame.

Exporting Video Files in VIGIL

Easy exporting of surveillance video files in VIGIL's intelligent video management software.

Adding Destinations in VIGIL Client

VIGIL Client allows you to save video from the remote site to a local destination. This short video demonstrates this feature.

Adding a Server in VIGIL Client Software

Basic Minute video tutorial showing how easy it is to add a server in VIGIL Client.

Adding User Accounts in VIGIL

Basic Minute Video Tutorial showing step-by-step how to add new users in VIGIL.

POS Searches Using VIGIL Remote Client Software

Basic Minute Video illustrating Point-of-Sale (POS) searches of any of your stores using the VIGIL Remote Client software.

VIGIL 7.5 POS - Search by Receipt

In this example of searching through Point of Sale information, we show you how to bring up the video and transaction by using only the receipt number.

VIGIL 7.5 POS - Predefined Exceptions

Point of Sale Information has never been easier to search through. This Video shows how to create predefined search criteria to look for suspect transactions. See not only the transaction itself, but also the video associated with it.

A Preview of VIGIL System 7 - Enhanced Panoramic Video Support

Enhanced support for 180- and 360-degree panoramic cameras.

360-degree Hemispheric/Panoramic Video Support in VIGIL

Basic Minute video tutorial showing how VIGIL makes 360-degree panoramic viewing distortion-free, giving you complete coverage from a single overhead digital video camera.

Viewing Your VIGIL Network on Your iPad or iPhone

Remote access to your VIGIL network has always been easy. With this Web App you now can view your cameras from your handheld devices.

VIGIL 8.0 Saving Still Images in Live View

How to save a still image on the fly within a live view. No need to search for video, play it back, and select the frame you want to save. This video shows you how to use this feature.

VIGIL 8.0 Performing a Quick Export

How to quickly export video from multiple cameras to external media with just a few quick clicks.

VIGIL 8.0 Thumbnail Browser

New in VIGIL 8.0 is the Thumbnail Browser or Search. Used in combination with any other method of narrowing down the footage you need, the Thumbnail Browser allows you to look through snapshots of video evenly spaced within a custom time frame. This video shows you what this feature looks like and how you might use it.

VIGIL 8.0 Using Stitched Playback

In VIGIL 8.0 we introduce a new feature called Stitched Playback. This feature provides you the ability to grab individual snippets of video and combine them into a single video for export.

VIGIL 8.0 Using the Bandwidth Tester

A brand new feature in VIGIL 8.0 provides users the ability to test their internet speed using the available bandwidth tester built right into VIGIL Client. Identify your network bandwidth utilization to adjust your remote access experience.

VIGIL 8.0 Viewing and Tagging Footage

This Video shows us how to tag footage for future review by another viewer.

VIGIL 8.0 Setup Export Destinations

This quick video shows you how to create custom export destinations. We'll show you how to save your video to an external source for review or distribution.

VIGIL 8.0 Saving Camera Views

A loved feature of VIGIL Client is the ability to pick and choose the cameras and layout you need to see most of the time, without recreating it over and over. This video quickly shows you how to create, save, and access a view within VIGIL Client.

VIGIL 8.0 Using Instant Playback

There are several methods of accessing saved video. Here we show you how to perform a quick search and instant replay from within VIGIL Client.

VIGIL 8.0 Using RapidSeek

New in VIGIL 8.0 we leverage our proprietary RapidStream technology in RapidSeek, enabling users to scrub through video quickly in low bandwidth scenarios.