We care about your success

Whether you run a local gas station, or the parent company with 20,000 gas stations across the country, your expertise probably isn’t in proper camera alignment, or server health. That’s where we come in, to make sure your system is performing. Always.


A “Shipping Damage” surcharge is now in effect!
To avoid any added surcharges on your next repair bill, please read the following:


CAMACC’s expert, personal, customer service is the best in the world. We work hard to out-service every competitor in the marketplace. How?

  • We’re here when you need us, 24/7 – 365 days a year.
  • Our call center is based in North America, not outsourced to a phone farm on the other side of the planet.
  • We offer multiple support tools and channels to help you.

CAMACC “remote desktop” help

Our support team may ask if they can help solve your technical problem by working with you remotely right on your desktop. If they ask you to download the CAMACC help application, click on the link below. We value your privacy and security as much as you do – we will be unable to use the help application unless you specifically invite us in and provide the ID number to a Camacc Tech support member.

Download the Remote desktop help application

To find your current IP Address Use the What is your IP Tool

To download updates and patches use our FTP Site

For technician and dealer resources (login required): CAMACC Extranet

The guys down the hall

Our excellent support team is based in North America, not outsourced. They work down the hallway from our manufacturing division, just past the IT guys, a couple of doors down from the CEO’s office. The point? Our entire team of experts is on hand to help you with any technical issue. Anytime.

New! – VIGIL Central Management (VCM)

CAMACC now offers VCM, an automatic health monitoring service to ensure that your entire system – servers, digital video recorders, and cameras – are performing optimally, 24/7-365.

We know when there’s a problem – probably before you do!
Unlike old, analog CCTV systems, a networked DVR is an extremely intelligent device. CAMACC uses 3xLogic Engineering’s advanced VIGIL VCM software to manage a wide range of IT and operational needs on your behalf. It provides a simple, yet effective way to monitor and manage multiple Server Hybrid DVRs and NDVRs, and can poll each DVR health remotely and independently for information such as cameras online, recording status, disk storage, and many other points of interest and alerts. And because the systems are networked, most troubleshooting and maintenance can be done remotely

Talk to our team about CAMACC’s new automatic health monitoring service for your business – phone 877-255-9822 (toll-free) or email