CAMACC provides advanced tools to help you keep your business safe and secure. Whether your goal is to deter vandalism, prevent theft, reduce liability risks and safety concerns, or to capture advanced information about how people move and behave on site… it all begins with video. We work with an amazing array of video surveillance projects across North America, installing brand new video surveillance systems, upgrading existing systems, combining old and new systems, and our specialty - integrating video with access control panels, Point-of-Sale terminals, gas station pumps, and much more!

It all begins with video…

CAMACC offers the full spectrum of advanced video camera technology to meet your needs, in your business environment. Inside, outside, dynamic lighting, extreme conditions, whatever your business environment, our professional system designers are experts at working with you to identify exactly what your needs are, and then to get the best price on the best system to meet your needs. From simple, affordable analog cameras, to large-scale, integrated high-resolution digital imaging systems, we have the right video technology to meet virtually any safety and security challenge.

Advanced technology

camacc-camera-400 Our professional grade, high definition cameras and digital recorders provide unparalleled quality video to meet your business’ video needs. Whether you need closed-circuit television (CCTV), or networked over-the-internet access (including mobile viewing and playback!), CAMACC video technology is top of the line.

Advanced service

CAMACC’s installation technicians know what they are doing. With hundreds of years of collective experience installing challenging video and access control systems, and a “We can do it!” attitude of innovation and solution-finding, our guys get the job done, right. Always. Likewise, CAMACC’s technical and customer support professionals offer the best service in the industry. Got a problem? Most often we solve it over the phone, or remotely with our industry-leading, automatic health monitoring service that ensures your entire system – servers, digital video recorders, and cameras – are performing optimally, 24/7-365.

Find out more today!

CAMACC is North America’s premier security integrator – using world class video technology and advanced software to help businesses succeed. Find out how we can help your business: phone 877-255-9822 (toll-free) or email