System Health Monitoring

VIGIL Central Management (VCM) monitors the health of your CAMACC high-definition video capture, storage, and analysis system – whether you have a single store with a few cameras, or a large chain with many thousands of cameras and digital video recorders.

VIGIL VCM is an incredibly powerful piece of software, with three main functions:

  • System Health Monitoring
  • Enterprise User Management
  • Enterprise Software Upgrade Management.

Unlike previous analog-based CCTV systems, a networked VIGIL digital video recorder (DVR) is an extremely intelligent device, with many powerful tools at its disposal. The VIGIL VCM software application allows you to manage those tools, plus a wide range of Enterprise IT and operational needs. And because the systems are networked, most troubleshooting and maintenance can be done remotely!

VIGIL VCM provides a simple way to monitor and manage multiple DVRs. It can poll each DVR’s health remotely, and independently, for information such as cameras online, recording status, disk storage, and many other key points of interest. It allows you to organize your DVR’s into groups for ease of management. In addition to these features, VCM provides a way to centrally manage software update profiles for each remote site.

VIGIL Central Management control room.

VCM Service

VIGIL Central Management is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the multi-site, enterprise class user, providing IT professionals with the tools they need to effectively manage multiple DVRs connected over a network.

BUT… you may not have dedicated IT resources to monitor the health of your integrated video security system. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! CAMACC’s world-class customer service team offers a remote health monitoring service, 24/7-365, where every aspect of your system is monitored to ensure everything is operating optimally. In most cases, we’ll know about an issue (and solve it!) before you do.



VCM™ (Vigil Central Management) is designed to monitor and manage large numbers of Vigil™ Digital Management Servers (DVR/NVR).


  1. True client/server- based application, supports multiple clients connections simultaneously
  2. Automated health status monitoring of all critical DVR functions such as video signal loss, hard drive failure, days of recorded video and network connection
  3. Configurable alert via email based on specific thresholds
  4. Global DVR user access management via multi-level pre-configured access groups
  5. Ability to upload and download DVR configuration settings
  6. Compatible with Vigil DVRs, Version 7.0 or later

Conditions VCM™ monitors:

  1. Connectivity with the recorder
  2. Amount of active cameras in total
  3. Cameras are online
  4. Storage requirements
  5. Hard drive health
  6. Hard drive temperature
  1. CPU temperature
  2. CPU usage threshold not exceeded as defined
  3. POS activity as defined
  4. Stalled applications
  5. Memory usage thresholds
  6. Video Loss

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