Point-of-sale Integration

Improve your operations with real-time, ultra-clear business intelligence!

By integrating Point-of-Sale (POS) data with video through CAMACC’s high-resolution megapixel cameras and advanced VIGIL Point-of-sale (V-POS) software, you gain real-time, video-enhanced business intelligence to improve your operations.

Eliminate employee theft

Millions of dollars disappear from POS terminals in retail stores every day due to fraudulent or criminal employee activities. In fact, employee theft is one of the single largest causes of “shrinkage” in retail environments – accounting for 35% of shrink to businesses in 2011 (source: The Global Retail Theft Barometer 2011, Newark, Centre for Retail Research).

One way that retailers can confront this serious problem is by identifying telltale patterns of “POS exceptions” – unusual transactions such as manually entered values, voids, or “no sales” which could be a sign of system manipulation.

CAMACC’s VIGIL Point-of-Sale (V-POS) lets you run queries on your POS transactions based on date, time, camera, transaction type, value, item code, cashier, or receipt number and view results along with video of the those transactions. You can even generate POS exception reports automatically based on user-defined exceptions for heightened insights into your operation.

By synchronizing relevant video data to the transactional data captured by V-POS, you have a more complete picture of every transaction, 24/7. For example, Loss Prevention investigators can establish flexible, user-defined and exception-based rules, which ping the investigator with real-time alerts whenever events or actions fall outside of normal parameters.

Effective loss prevention

With CAMACC’s systems in place, loss prevention transforms from reactive to proactive – and so becomes far more effective. Loss Prevention teams can now get ahead of the game, leveraging transactional data and surveillance video to identify trends and capture the kind of details that lead to improved loss prevention, as well as improved operational efficiencies and overall store performance.


  • Can be configured to automatically look for ''specific'' POS transactions such as voids over $100, multiple voids in sequence, $.05 sale at 3am
  • Display live POS records on CAMACC’s digital video server, or remotely via a remote client application
  • Playback POS records in sync with recorded video data
  • Automatically detect priority camera to display POS records with
  • Allows the ability to change text and font size and colour
  • Supports connection to a wide range of industry standard POS manufacturers
  • Full integration with the optional Video Analytics software engine for advanced transaction filtering such as ''no customer'' on returns or ''only one manager present'' on override.

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