People Counting and Analytics

analyticsCAMACC’s high resolution megapixel cameras, combined with our advanced analytic software, can help you improve the physical layout and operational efficiency of your business, and optimize your merchandising activities to deliver a better customer experience and maximize your profitability.

  • Improve store layout
  • Optimize merchandizing opportunities
  • Improve operational efficiency

Real time market research

CAMACC’s VIGIL software contains a powerful suite of analytic tools to provide valuable business analysis. These can be utilized to improve loss prevention and risk management, as well as track customer trends for conversion and marketing impact.

Improve store layout

CAMACC’s powerful VIGIL analytics software can help you identify and quantify traffic flow patterns throughout your business, including aisles, checkout lines and other queue zones like service counters, and around key merchandising locations such as end caps and product spotlight areas.

“Heat maps” help you easily see the high use lanes and areas in your business to quickly identify customer flow issues and merchandising effectiveness. You can then design each store to manage traffic flow, eliminate aisle blockages, and promote the optimal shopping experience. Likewise you can better drive customers to specific merchandising zones, maximizing profitability and return on investment for your vendors and advertisers.

Optimize merchandizing opportunities

With CAMACC’s VIGIL analytics software, you can measure customer behavior like dwell time throughout the day (and over different shopping seasons), and in response to changes you make to featured products and merchandise displays.

Real-time people-counting in your stores.

CAMACC’s industry-leading integration of high definition video with data, allows you to get really tricky with your business intelligence, for example by comparing customer traffic around merchandise displays with Point-of-Sale transactional data to measure product conversion rates and the impact of merchandising!

Improve operational efficiency

The powerful combination of clear megapixel images with intelligent software gives you deep insight to more effectively manage your business – in real time – for example through optimizing staffing levels, evaluating employee performance over time and across different business locations, measuring speed of service, improving customer service, and ultimately increasing business profitability.


  • People counting
  • Tripwire rule
  • Multiple tripwire rule
  • Transaction with no customer present
  • V-POS exceptions
  • Queue timing
  • Time in queue
  • Number of customers in queue
  • And much more!

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