Loss Prevention

More than $13 billion worth of goods are stolen from retail businesses in the USA each year – more than $35 million every day (source: National Association for Shoplifting Prevention). Loss Prevention professionals have their work cut out for them in the ongoing fight against:

  • Shoplifting
  • Employee theft
  • Inventory loss

CAMACC’s high-resolution megapixel cameras and advanced software provide Loss Prevention teams with real-time, video-enhanced business intelligence to help identify and remove the criminal elements from your business, and to improve your profitability.


There are approximately 27 million shoplifters (one in 11 people) in the USA today. More than 10 million people have been caught shoplifting in the last five years (source: National Association for Shoplifting Prevention).

CAMACC’s high-resolution megapixel cameras, digital video recorders, and advanced VIGIL software are the best in the industry, giving your Loss Prevention team highly-detailed views of the retail floor, high-value merchandise areas, as well as entries/exits. Our professional system designers work with you to put in place custom-designed video surveillance systems to meet the exact needs of your business, given its physical outline, customer demographics, traffic patterns, and other relevant variables.

Of course, we offer much more than just cameras and digital video recorders! CAMACC’s advanced VIGIL software integrates high definition video and data management systems with electronic article surveillance devices positioned at every entryway to monitor the tags/sensors attached to your merchandise. With VIGIL’s advanced analytics tools, you can use object missing analytics to notify your Loss Prevention team of potential criminal activity. VIGIL also allows you to create real-time notifications whenever an event is triggered, so that you are able to immediately access the associated video, and digitally zoom in to verify the activity and identify the suspect.

Employee theft

CAMACC’s high-resolution megapixel cameras and advanced VIGIL Point-of-sale (V-POS) software are powerful tools to help Loss Prevention teams combat “transactional shrinkage.” The tools integrate POS transactional data with high definition video in real time, allowing you to identify fraudulent exceptions like unauthorized discounts and coupons, returns, no-sale transactions, cash refunds, cheque fraud, gift card fraud, and “sweet hearting” – and to set real-time alerts to investigate the activity as it happens.

CAMACC’s world-class technology also helps you prevent internal theft through the industry’s best, high resolution surveillance video surveillance of retail floor space, as well as valuable merchandise areas, stock rooms, loading docks, distribution centers, entries/exits and warehouses.

Inventory loss

Due to the large volume of merchandise and low volume of traffic, stock rooms, loading docks, and warehouses often become high-value target areas for criminals, including thieving employees.

CAMACC’s industry-leading high-resolution megapixel cameras and advanced VIGIL software provides your Loss Prevention team with intelligent tools to keep tabs on these areas, for example by creating a searchable video event each time a controlled area is accessed. CAMACC’s advanced video analytics can automatically alert you when an object is removed from, or abandoned within, an area. And by integrating electronic access control data with high definition video, you can review real-time or recorded video to monitor suspicious tailgating activity.

Effective loss prevention

With CAMACC’s systems in place, loss prevention transforms from reactive to proactive – and so becomes far more effective. Loss Prevention teams can now get ahead of the game, leveraging transactional data and surveillance video to identify trends and capture the kind of details that lead to improved loss prevention, as well as improved operational efficiencies and overall store performance.

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