Custom Systems Design

From the initial site inspection, to system design, installation, testing and service, CAMACC’s professional system designers work closely with you to meet your unique business needs.

One size does not fit all

Whether you have a single store, or a large chain with many hundreds of sites, our services are tailored to your requirements, providing efficient design and careful installation, while respecting your business environment and the continuity of your daily workflow.

  • Create an installation plan of the best locations for high-definition megapixel video cameras
  • Create a data-integration plan, intelligently and automatically matching video with business critical database sources, like Point-of-Sale transactions
  • Leverage surveillance video analytics to improve store layout, merchandising activities [link to People Counting and Analytics page] and staffing

Every business is unique in its physical layout, merchandise, and customer base. Let our highly-experienced system designers work with you to maximize coverage of sensitive areas like cash registers, gas pumps, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), distribution centers, and much more.

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