Access Control

Traditionally, physical access control was achieved through simple mechanical means: locks and keys. They work, but not particularly well if you are concerned about preventing unauthorized access to your facilities.

Keys are trouble

The trouble with keys is that they always get lost or copied, which means you routinely have to take the time and expense to replace all your locks. The other trouble with keys is that you have no record of who, where, when, or for how long your doors were accessed.

Secure Access Control

Today, CAMACC offers physical access control through a network-based card access system that operates either stand-alone, or integrated with our high definition video cameras and digital video recorders.

The system is incredibly flexible and powerful. Using control cards that double as employee identification, small key fobs that attach to an existing key ring, or biometric readings, you can grant individual access privileges as to who, where and when in your facility, based on time of day schedules, group membership, restricted areas and specific doors, etc.

Control Access

CAMACC’s Access Control system gives you a fine-detail level of access control, as well as detailed reporting on all system activity. Real-time monitoring of the system’s activity includes the display of card holder images and floor plans, as well as operator override operations such as lock-downs and manual door operations. The system also supports display of configurable alarm conditions., and can initiate automatic actions, such as the scheduled unlocking and locking of doors through its scheduling features, or the execution of user-configurable custom action-sets through its scripting features.

Keep an eye on access

Using a web-based interface system, you can easily monitor site access, and modify settings from anywhere on your network at any time. This provides you with a detailed audit trail of who has accessed secure areas, and when that access occurred. And of course it’s all backed up with a high definition digital video record that identifies the actual card holder and who entered any particular door.

CAMACC’s industry-leading access control advantages:

  •  Full-featured network-based Access Control software package
  • Supports unlimited number of card-holders
  • Supports unlimited number of doors
  • Supports unlimited number of shifts
  • Separate monitor application included for security guard or receptionist usage
  • Standard Windows interface supports multiple work stations without special licenses
  • Provides optional AES Encryption of data on the network
  • Efficient programs and supporting database minimizes workstation hardware

Optional add-on software to print badges now available!
Using photo captures from a digital camera and other graphic files like your company logo, our badge printing application allows you to create and print customized company credential access badges.

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