Security, safety, liability, loss-prevention, PICS Auditing compliant, POST-certified

Gas stations and heavy industry

Gas stations – especially ones with convenience stores – are often targeted for criminal activity, putting employees and customers in danger, and negatively affecting business revenue.

CAMACC's advanced video surveillance solutions are exclusively designed for scalable, multi-user and multi-site gas station locations. Our powerful cameras and world-class software help gas station owners successfully manage a multitude of security operations – in real time. But CAMACC high-definition video surveillance offers much more than just cameras at the pump…

  • Increase security and protect employees and customers
  • Prevent theft
  • Reduce vandalism and loitering
  • Increase operational efficiency

Download a snapshot (852KB pdf) of CAMACC's work in the Petroleum sector.

Innovative, industry leaders

We proudly support Suncor, Imperial Oil (Esso) at 1,000 locations, Shell and Chevron, where CAMACC is the solution of choice for all CCTV equipment at over 7,500 locations. CAMACC clients rely on our high-definition surveillance systems to securely and reliably watch over their branch gas stations and convenience stores, and to help them safely speed millions of customers on their way.

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CAMACC is North America’s premier security integrator – using world class technology and software to help gas stations succeed. Find out how we can help protect your petroleum business: phone 877-255-9822 (toll-free) or email

Know exactly what is going on in your stations

CAMACC’s core video solutions offer fully-integrated site management tools that enable seamless video monitoring, digital recording, and sophisticated video analysis by linking video with other information, including audio, Point-Of-Sale (POS), ATM, and other facility data.

For example, CAMACC allows you to run detailed queries on your POS transactions based on date, time, camera, transaction type, value, item code, cashier, or receipt number.

Get ready to be surprised at what CAMACC can help you do

  • Ultra-clear, high definition, license plate recognition – the best on the market
  • Ultra-clear, high definition video of customer transactions in store and car wash bays
  • Advanced optical character recognition (OCR) of license plates
  • Automatic shut-off of gas pump if cameras disturbed or down
  • Detect and deter cashier-related shrinkage by identifying the telltale patterns of POS exceptions like “sweet-hearting”
  • Link specific ATM transactions to video footage
  • Industry-leading innovations with subtle, hidden camera panic buttons
  • View video footage locally or remotely, from single stores to massive, multiple locations, significantly reducing site-to-site travel
  • And much, much more – we love a challenge; what does your business need to succeed?

CAMACC's surveillance solutions will shape the face of your business, and ultimately – increase your profitability!


  • Much higher resolution image recording than elsewhere in the industry
  • CAMACC DVRs are hybrid, allowing for simultaneous recording of both analog and high-definition, megapixel sources
  • Expandable up to 32 channels per DVR (combined high-definition, megapixel and analog)
  • Up to 20 megapixel, high-definition camera integration and support
  • Enterprise management – health monitoring, system configurations, and user permissions
  • Using VIGIL Central Management (VCM) software, the system is scalable and flexible (simultaneous management of unlimited CAMACC DVRs), and can be remotely managed
  • Export to all media types – internal HD/DVD and external USB and NAS with unlimited storage
  • Sweep log hardware/software to reduce insurance liabilities by tracking due diligence
  • Comprehensive POS and ATM integration – database integration with query and reporting engine

If this sounds like gobbledygook, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! CAMACC Systems’ expert help is the best in the world, from the initial sales visit to understand your business needs, to the technical team doing the installation, to our personal customer service team, on hand to answer questions and help you get the most out of your system. You’re never on your own with CAMACC – we help you for the life of the product.

Meeting your needs

CAMACC video surveillance will meet your business’ exact needs, with uniquely-designed solutions that help you minimize risk and maximize profitability. We work with you to find the right fit from our comprehensive line of high-definition and hybrid video management tools.

For more information about how CAMACC Systems can help your petroleum business, phone 877-255-9822 (toll-free) or email