Hotels and restaurants

Hospitality is about delivering an exceptional customer experience in a relaxing, safe, and secure environment. At CAMACC we understand that providing guests with great service and a wonderful experience, while at the same time managing security and liability concerns, is more than a little tricky! Download a snapshot (864 KB pdf) of CAMACC's work in the Hospitality sector.

Peace of mind

A carefully-designed video surveillance system is the perfect security and peace-of-mind solution for guests and owners of restaurants, hotels, resorts and other accommodation. For example:

Security – video surveillance helps keep guests safe from theft and other criminal activity by helping track visitors and prevent break-ins on hotel property.

Prevent theft – security cameras can help keep intruders out of exclusive hotel areas like swimming pools and gyms where theft is common. A surveillance system in the storeroom and other maintenance areas can uncover employee theft.

Stop food service and bar shrinkage – video surveillance in the dinning room, kitchen and bar areas dramatically reduces loss of food and alcohol as well as linen supplies and flatware. Monitoring Point-of-Sale areas with a fixed-camera equipped with audio allows owners to see cash transactions as well as hear what is happening.

Remain competitive – along with providing security, a professional video surveillance system gives guests peace of mind while staying at your hotel, and can help you increase a hotel’s return business thereby remaining competitive in an aggressive market.

 Customer service – being able to watch and listen to employee interaction with guests is an excellent tool for ongoing customer service training.

Remote monitoring – CAMACC’s digital video recorder allows you to access live or recorded surveillance pictures over the internet, from any location, giving instant security updates.

Intelligent video

The powerful combination of CAMACC’s clear megapixel images with intelligent software will give deep insight to more effectively manage your business – in real time –through optimizing staffing levels, evaluating employee performance over time and across different business locations, monitoring liability, measuring speed of service, improving customer service, and ultimately increasing business profitability.

Protect yourself from liability issues

Sweep Log is a stand-alone software application that provides 24/7-365 activity monitoring, including automated alerts that warn of any potential store policy violations that might result in an unsafe environment for employees or customers.

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Know exactly what is going on in your business

CAMACC’s core video solutions offer fully-integrated site management tools that enable seamless video monitoring, digital recording, and sophisticated video analysis by linking video with other information, including audio, Point-Of-Sale (POS), ATM, and other facility data.


  • Much higher resolution image recording than elsewhere in the industry
  • CAMACC DVRs are hybrid, allowing for simultaneous recording of both analog and high-definition, megapixel sources
  • Expandable up to 32 channels per DVR (combined high-definition, megapixel and analog)
  • Up to 20 megapixel, high-definition camera integration and support
  • Enterprise management – health monitoring, system configurations, and user permissions
  • Using VIGIL Central Management (VCM) software, the system is scalable and flexible (simultaneous management of unlimited CAMACC DVRs), and can be remotely managed
  • Export to all media types – internal HD/DVD and external USB and NAS with unlimited storage
  • Sweep log hardware/software to reduce insurance liabilities by tracking due diligence
  • Comprehensive POS and ATM integration – database integration with query and reporting engine

If this sounds like gobbledygook, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! CAMACC Systems’ expert help is the best in the world, from the initial sales visit to understand your business needs, to the technical team doing the installation, to our personal customer service team, on hand to answer questions and help you get the most out of your system. You’re never on your own with CAMACC – we help you for the life of the product.

Meeting your needs

CAMACC video surveillance will meet your hotel’s or restaurant’s exact needs, with uniquely-designed solutions that help you minimize risk and maximize profitability. We work with you to find the right fit from our comprehensive line of high-definition, megapixel and hybrid video management tools.

National, regional, and local support

Whether you have just a single location, or a nation-wide chain with thousands of locations, we have the expertise, experience and passion to get the job done right for you!

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