2015-2016 Giving Season

CAMACC Crusaders 2015-2016 Giving Season

The Camacc Crusaders capped off yet another successful year of fundraising, gathering $5200 for diabetes research and to aid our very own employee Wayne Paidel.  


Wayne’s 13 year old son, Justin, was recently diagnosed with Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes. With Camacc Systems matching this significant amount, the company raised a whopping $10,400.00 and presented Wayne with a very large cheque at Camacc’s Christmas party in Victoria, BC this past December. This particular type of diabetes is a chronic, often debilitating and sometimes fatal disease, in which the body either cannot produce insulin or cannot properly use the insulin it produces, which is why it was important to us that this disease be the focus of our fundraising campaign. To provide even more of a fundraising incentive, our operations manager Jen Mayer offered to dress up in a Tinkerbell outfit if the donation goal was met, which if you knew Jen was not within her comfort zone! Much to all of our delight, Jen greeted us all in a beautiful bright green Tinkerbell outfit at our annual meet and greet, with a huge smile to boot! We want to thank all of those who donated and spread awareness this year regarding this important cause.  


Can’t wait to see what can be accomplished in 2016!!