Staff Profile: Brienne Gloeckler – She Really Gets Around

Early summer brings the promise of warm breezes and fresh fruit and family vacations. It’s the season of long days and starry nights and happy freedom from pencils, books, and teachers’ dirty looks. That’s how it is for students. For employers, it’s the season to hire and train university co-op students.

If you’re a lucky employer – very lucky – you hire someone like Brienne Gloeckler, CAMACC’s very first co-op student!

She really gets around

This summer, Brienne’s co-op work program at CAMACC will include stints in nearly every department: marketing, finance, office services, manufacturing, human resources, and technical support. She will even go out with field technicians to do installation work.



“Most co-op students get a taste of the overall operations at their work placements,” says Brienne. “They get a small sip. At CAMACC I’m getting a long, deep drink from a big tankard!”

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Brienne just completed the second year of her business degree at the University of Victoria, which includes a mandatory Co-Operative Education Program. It’s her first of three co-op placements over the course of her studies, which helps prepare university students for the real world by

  • Trying out different jobs in their study field
  • Building a network of contacts and references
  • Earning income to help pay for tuition
  • Clarifying their strengths, interests and goals
  • Boosting their chances of landing a great job after graduation

After high school Brienne enrolled in UVic’s business school because of its “applied” program structure, leading graduates to many different career pathways. There bookwork and theory compliments real world practice in local businesses like CAMACC Systems.

Real world practice came just in time for Brienne…

I’d rather be a duck

“You know exactly when the stress of university study has gotten to you,” says Brienne. In her case, it was near the end of last semester, when the lifestyle of campus ducks seemed more appealing than her own. “I thought to myself: I’d rather be a duck, just waddling along life without any cares.”

Fortunately, Brienne has found the pressures of CAMACC work to be less stressful than exams and reports and all-night study sessions. “I like school, but coming to work seems like a break,” says Brienne.” Why? “Once the work day is over, it’s over. I worked two 11-hour days last week, but when you’re done, you’re done and go home.”

CAMACC’s First Co-op Student

“Community has always been a central CAMACC value,” says Ho Kim, President and CEO of CAMACC Systems. “As the company has grown, so has our ability to give-back to the community.” That “giving back” has taken many forms over the years, such as the staff-led CAMACC Crusaders community support team; participating in the annual VIATEC Foodbank Challenge; the CN Tower Stair Climb in support of the World Wildlife Fund; fielding an Office Chair Hockey team in support of local education needs; and… Brienne’s co-operative education program this summer.

IMG_3773Brienne is already part of the CAMACC family,” says Cheryl Standish, Human Resources Manager. “She fits right in, and is already proving to be a great help in many ways.” Part of the reason for that may be that Brienne is as eclectic as the rest of the CAMACC family: a dancer for most of her life, Brienne also loves to play golf, hike, hit-the-gym, and cook. And she is happy to take (and dish out!) irreverent jabs and jokes around the staff lunch room.

“I love it here,” says Brienne. “How could you not? One of the big reasons is the company culture, which I think I fit into nicely. Everyone at CAMACC has drunk the Kool-Aid. We work hard, and play hard, which means that there is always a lot of work to be done, and tight deadlines, but you work in a way to get it done with fun.”

We’re thrilled to have you at CAMACC Systems, Brienne.

Best. Summer. Ever.