Zac Bailey: Quiet, Bad Ass Customer Service/Tech Support

CAMACC Systems employs a large, in-house team of customer service/technical support professionals. They cover the entire continent, six time zones, several languages, and thousands of customers across multiple sectors. They handle more than 1,100 phone calls, texts and emails per month, with an average response time of under 12 seconds. They’re very good at what they do.

“I love technology,” says Zac Bailey, a good example of why CAMACC’s support team is so good at what they do. “Technology is a wonderful thing; it’s always changing, which means there are always new things to learn, new stuff to troubleshoot and figure out.”

Zac Bailey in CAMACC's world-class support centre.

Zac Bailey in CAMACC’s world-class support centre.

Loves it when technology goes wrong

That’s a nice way of saying that Zac loves it when technology goes wrong: “I love the challenge of technology failure, whether it’s because of a new bug, or extreme weather conditions, or something else out of the blue. The best part of my job is working with customers to figure out what is going on.”

“Zac is a quiet, heads-down, hard-working guy,” says his boss, Steve Godfrey, CAMACC’s National Installation and Service Manager. “He has a truly bad-ass work ethic, handling more calls than anybody else. I don’t know how he does it, but Zac regularly logs more service hours than there are hours in the pay period.”

The job of customer service/technical support is a complex one, marrying detailed technical knowledge with excellent communication skills. The job means intimate knowledge of a huge variety of cameras, digital video recorders, access control gear, and software, AND a facility with dealing with people – from knowledgeable field technicians and sub-contractors, to less-tech-savvy customers who just need help keeping their business going, now.

After several years repairing failed technology for a well-known Big Box technology retailer, Zac applied for one of CAMACC’s support positions. “I wondered what I had got myself into,” recalls Zach about the learning curve. “I was nervous at the start, talking to customers all across the country. Big, national customers, with all kinds of different systems, and all kinds of issues to solve. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

What needs to be done

“Zac is not a clock-watcher,” says Godfrey. “And he never asks, he just quietly does what needs to be done. I have a lot of respect for him.” In a significant business growth year, where CAMACC’s service volume has gone up 25%, “what needs to be done” means everything and anything: email, text and phone calls to solve issues, remotely fixing customer DVRs using CAMACC’s health monitoring system, remotely commissioning newly-installed systems, trouble-shooting with field technicians and sub-contractors…

“I guess it’s the way I was brought up, and the way I like to do things,” says Zac. “No matter what goes on, I give 110% of myself. I don’t like a boring job. At CAMACC I get new challenges every day, like new equipment to install, and new issues that popup that we have never seen before.”

One of those challenges is the extreme weather – cold, heat, floods, droughts – that parts of North America undergo each year. Originally from Ontario, and having spent time in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Zac can relate to the conditions while being glad to live in beautiful, temperate Victoria, BC.

“I’m staying in Victoria, that’s for sure,” says Zac. “This is the best place I’ve lived.” And of course, the ideal place to indulge in his outdoor hobbies, which include playing for the CAMACC Vigilantes slow-pitch team, combat paintball, and racing remote control vehicles.

“Breaking and then fixing the gear is all part of the fun,” says Zac, who is constantly tinkering with customized improvements. “Technology is a wonderful thing.”