Dale McCutcheon and the Dale Factor

Account Managers are often the unsung heroes of the sales department: heads-down problem-solvers, quietly liaising between companies and teams, making things right, happily building relationships.


“Quiet, happy, problem-solver” is a good description of Dale McCutcheon, who manages a diverse portfolio of CAMACC Systems’ national petroleum and retail accounts. You’ve probably heard of some of them… Shell, Imperial Oil (Esso), Best Buy, Future Shop, Toys ‘R Us, Golf Town, Pilot Travel and Flying J… plus a number of smaller businesses.

Dale is a busy man.

“Dale is the quintessential CAMACC employee,” says his boss, CAMACC’s National Sales Manager, Kevin Yagi. “He’s worked in the Ontario office since Day One, progressing from field technician to account manager for our largest corporate accounts.”

According to Yagi, Dale is so good at the Account Manager role because he is so good technically: “When you’re dealing with a customer, you have to always be technically correct, to really know your stuff when estimating how long a job will take, what the safety concerns might be, and what technology is required.”

Dale does know his stuff, having studied industrial instrumentation and electronics technology at Mohawk College, followed by working as a field technician for Sonitrol (which was later bought by CAMACC’s sister company).

Many CCTV and access control companies keep technical staff away from their customers. As a true technology integrator, CAMACC takes the exact opposite approach: we want our technical experts out there, sharing their expertise with our customers when quoting on a job, solving technical issues, or overseeing an installation.

The Dale Factor

But Dale also has an X Factor that makes him the yardstick by which all CAMACC Account Managers are measured: he never panics. Regardless of how busy work gets, Dale has a very helpful, patient personality, that smoothes the inevitable bumps that come in any relationship.

“After 12 years, I’ve never even seen him mad!” says Yagi, who is known for making everyone mad.

“I guess if I had a superpower it would be getting along really well with my customers,” says Dale. “I really enjoy my job – I can’t imagine working anywhere else. I love that not a lot of companies are using the technology that we’re using. The industry is fascinating.”

Dale and son, Gavin.

Dale and son, Gavin.

Is your business ready for real service?

At CAMACC Systems, the Account Manager role is a surprising mix of technical expertise and relationship savvy. Every one of our customers receives the same honest, accurate, and dedicated service that Dale delivers.