Employees’ spirit of giving helps Camacc co-worker

by Andrew Duffy / Times Colonist

Victoria’s Camacc Systems, which manufactures high-definition video and data storage systems, is doing more than keeping a watchful eye on the interests of its corporate clients around North America. It’s also looking out for its own.

At the company’s annual Christmas party on the weekend, the 17-year-old firm handed over a $23,000 cheque to employee Brent Wozney, who has to retrofit his home to accommodate a wheelchair for his daughter Danielle, who has an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis.

“Every year we always do fundraising, but we always struggle with what sort of fundraising and how to disperse the funds because we have offices all over the country,” said founder and chief executive Ho Kim.

This year, choosing a beneficiary was easy.

David Sovka, a member of Camacc’s Crusaders — a committee of staffers who go out to the community to raise money and help where needed — said establishing a gift for the Wozney family was a no-brainer after they heard Danielle’s condition had deteriorated.

“It was a unanimous decision that we had to support them,” he said, noting every Camacc office in the country wanted to do its part.

The goal had been to raise $10,000 in less than three months. Through a series of events at each branch — 50/50 draws, bake sales, chili cook-offs, donations — the company raised nearly $12,000.

What no one knew was Camacc’s ownership group had committed to matching whatever was raised by its employees.

As Kim sees it, matching the funds was the right thing to do, especially after seeing how his company pulled together.

“Our benefit plan is solid, but some things it doesn’t cover, like wheelchair access to a house,” he said.

“The greatest minds could not have thought of a better team-building exercise. To see what happened, what transpired in those

79 days — I watched this team from across the country come together and get on board, that was nothing short of spectacular, I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said.

Kim said the exercise also showed the corporate culture they have tried to establish has taken hold across the company.

“Without a doubt, it’s a big part of our culture to give back to the community, whether that be volunteer work, fundraising, mentorship. It’s a big part of what we push within Camacc,” he said.

The firm, based at the Keating X Road industrial park, has more than 8,000 systems installed in North America and sells its software around the world.

Camacc often builds systems — cameras, monitoring equipment and data storage — tailored for companies.

Its own software can be used to view live feeds, view recorded images, store data and can be used as a videoanalytic tool to improve service, marketing, staff management and operations.