Ken Hoffman: Still Putting Out Fires

IMG_20140919_081206Up-to-date technical knowledge; tons of experience; commitment to doing the job right; and a willingness to crawl in the dirt, climb up high ladders, and shuffle through spider webs and pigeon droppings. Everybody knows what makes for a good installation and service technician.

But what makes a good technician a great one?

It’s that X factor that Ken Hoffman, CAMACC’s Installation and Service Supervisor, brings to his job that clearly pushes him into the great category.

Kenny started as a technician in CAMACC’s Edmonton office in 2006, after working in casino security and tool sales. “What I really wanted to be was a fireman,” says Ken, who volunteered as a firefighter and trained for years before breaking his ankle in a softball game. That break ended his chances for full-time firefighting work.

But it turned out to be highly valuable experience for supervising all of the installations and service work done on Vancouver Island. “Everything happens for a reason,” says Ken. “Hard work, training and dedication are as much a part of the firefighter lifestyle as putting out fires.” Putting out fires is a daily part of Ken’s CAMACC job, whether scheduling technicians to do work or doing it himself, somewhere across Vancouver Island’s 31,300 km2.

“You never know what the future holds,” says Ken, now married and father to Maya and Madax. “I rarely know what next week will be like! What I can count on at  CAMACC is the work will be a challenging. I love figuring out how to make things work right for our customers, wherever they are.”